Light Painting

Esta es una pieza de fotografía de bellas artes que muestra a una mujer en posición de flor de loto y retratada con múltiples exposiciones de luz

If I remember I think this was one of my true approaches to photography, before I had read countless books that always talked about the same thing but in the end I understood that there was no point in doing it if I did not put into practice what I had just read , a friend was going to give a workshop about Light Painting and he knew that this would be a great pretext to experiment and put the knowledge into practice.

After a couple of days in the workshop practicing we went to the General Pantheon to take photos at night, that’s how we walked through small paths and corridors that led us to very peculiar and interesting places, the darkness of the place helped to some extent in concentrating and think about how you would take the photo.

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