About the artist

Hello, my name is Jair Casasola and I am a visual artist based in Oaxaca, Mexico, my interest in images began from a very young age when I discovered that I could use them to learn about topics that interested me, then this artistic process became a tool so that I could find my own voice and express what I felt. After the forced disappearance of my father by the drug cartel, I turned all my feelings into pieces of art that I made after my travels through the mountains and the Oaxacan coast, trying to find a meaning to everything that had happened and to be able to break down the feeling of uncertainty that inhabited in my heart.

As time passed, the need to know and understand my roots grew in me. I was born in Mexico City but since I was a baby my family moved to my father’s home state, Oaxaca. It was then that I realized that despite growing up in a state full of cultural greatness, I was almost totally ignorant of everything that made it up, that’s how I decided to get to know the place that saw me grow and learn from it.

Much of my artwork captures the everyday life in the various regions of Oaxaca, in it you can see how the festival, religion, culture coexist in its different nuances.

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