Silver Gelatine Prints with Caffenol C

The silver halide prints are handmade developed in Caffenol C, I still using traditional technology to create it, all have certificates of authenticity, signed, serialized, framed and ready to hang on your wall.

Created manually on ILFORD MULTIGRADE V RC DELUXE Satin paper that ensure the permanence of the tones for life and framed with high quality wood that protects the work of art as well as a better immersion of this when contemplating it.

Because they are created manually the number of these prints is extremely limited to only 5 pieces with 8″x10″ image size and a total frame size of 12″x15″

These limited editions silver prints can decorate your office, home or any space you want, they are a one-of-a-kind gift that will last a lifetime. If you like to collect rare art this is your moment, these prints are ultra limited by the complexity of the process, this is luxury art with high quality print that can also become an active way to invest your money in art because the prints are never going to devalue the price.

Caffenol-C Artwork

Impresión fina de edición limitada en Caffenol en la que se ve una niña en el punto de fuga de un campo de magueyes espadín de un palenque mezcalero