Niña Maguey

Impresión fina de edición limitada en Caffenol en la que se ve una niña en el punto de fuga de un campo de magueyes espadín de un palenque mezcalero

I remember the afternoon when I went to interview some mezcal masters in the palenque that they used to process mezcal, there were complete hectares full of magueys of various species, you could spend the day contemplating the majesty of these plants and being surprised by the size that some reached.

If you want to know more about the process I went through to make this fine art photography print, I suggest you visit my blog where I narrate in more detail my process to make limited prints in caffenol C

Limited Edition 5 Prints

Single size 8 “x 10” of printed image and 12 “x14” with frame

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All fine art photo prints are made with premium Ilford MULTIGRADE RC Deluxe Paper Pearl and materials designed to last a lifetime without fading. The piece is mounted on a traditional wooden frame ready to hang on your wall, protected by a 2mm glass plate on the front and a 5mm Mat that separates them. Among the types of wood that you can choose are the following:

Pine – Tzalam – Walnut – Beech – Cedar – Oak – Ilex

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